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Oct 31, 2014
TM1 High Availability or Load Balancing
Just a quick post on what I know about configuring High Availability (HA) or Load Balancing for TM1 at the moment. Copying this link will save me some keystrokes along the way ;)
Oct 14, 2014
Finally Cognos BI Software Development Kit is free to use
In case you missed the news, Cognos Software Development Kit became a part of BI Administrator license during the latest IBM license revamp. That’s fantastic news, because you get heaps of functionality for free.
Oct 1, 2014
TM1 Applications Contributor Sandboxes and Commit
A quick note on how TM1 Applications / Contributor works with sandboxes. Quite common knowledge, but can be useful for debugging, so I’m wrapping it up as a post. TM1 Applications / Contributor uses sandboxes to do cell colour and improve system bandwidth with multiple users, so each time you take ownership of the node, a new sandbox will be created with the following name SandboxName_}tp_tasks_Application_ID_Node_You_Took_Ownership_On_application_id where:
Sep 22, 2014
4 Things you can do to improve TM1 performance today We’ve started a regular newsletter here at PMsquare, so I was asked if maybe I can write a ‘not-so-technical’ how-to article. You can judge the result yourself, reposting it below. Sign-up for the newsletter, lots of good stuff there.
Sep 10, 2014
TM1 application maintenance utility and SingleSignOn
IBM reworked the way approval hierarchies work quite a bit in TM1 10.2. Refreshing any changes to approval hierarchies or updating application security now requires calling a special application maintenance utility.
Apr 26, 2014
IBM Business And Solution Connect Events in May
There’ll be quite a few IBM Business / Solution connect events across Australia this May: See dates, agenda and register. I’ll be at the ones in Sydney & Brisbane. Maybe even a bit on stage, if I can’t convince BegaCheese to do all the talking -)
Apr 12, 2014
TM1 Puzzles and Diversions. Consolidated Feeders
I’m running our interpactice (we’ve got Singpapore and Sydney offices) TM1 sessions. Currently playing with the ‘quick / easy / conceptual puzzles’ approach. Beats my lecturing so far -) I’ll publish some old ones in this blog, post the answers in comments or in an email on mail@ykud.
Apr 1, 2014
Cognos TM1 Application Server JMX Monitoring
As some of you already noticed, TM1 applications server (the java engine that drives your Contributor Applications, Operations Console and (from 10.2) TM1Web), is quite a sensitive beast. And where there’s sensitivity, there’s a need for monitoring.
Dec 6, 2013
TM1 Applications and cross dimensional security or Access tables with NoData in TM1
Got questions about cross dimensional security in TM1 Applications aka Contributor quite a few times, so it’s obviously time to write something up and put out here for linking in future ) Cross dimensional security is quite a mouthful, so for us ex-Enterprise Planning people: this is a post on how to do something like Access Tables in TM1.
Oct 20, 2013
Cognos and OpenStreetMap
Got a chance to play with maps in Cognos reports for a recent PoC and learned quite a lot in the process. Most notably, I integrated OpenStreetMap in Cognos report, so I’ll demonstrate how to do it.