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Insight 2015 recap

Posted at — Oct 30, 2015
Insight 2015 recap

Well, it’s already / finally over and I must say I’m very impressed. I didn’t expect anything close to what it was for me: I met heaps of great people, learned a lot of new things and had a few long nights out ) I also got a massive cold so I’m spending the last day lying in the bed typing this.

This conference was full of new announcements and they’ll be covered in a lot of details everywhere (including by us in PMsquare webinars, sign up), so I won’t write the whole book, just main notes and takeaways.


Cognos BI project ‘Titan’ / Cognos Analytics

TM1 / Planning Analytics:

Our session:

That’s probably it and I’ll start packing for my long haul back down under. It was great and I hope to be back next year!

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