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See you at Insight 2015

Posted at — Aug 28, 2015
See you at Insight 2015

I’m finally going to bat country, yay! And not just going, I’ll even be onstage (just for a few minutes, don’t worry).

Our presentation was approved, so on 26-Oct at 10:30 AM-11:30 AM, we’d be talking about TM1 in Sanofi Aventis. It took a good part of my youth last 3 years, but we do have something to show for it:

You’ll have a really great presenter (not me), so I strongly recommend showing up. Official name is “Transforming Big Pharma: Performance management as a service in Sanofi APAC”.

And I’ll be around PMsquare’s booth (they say it’ll right in the centre) the whole conference, would be great to chat.

Cya there )

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