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Jan 24, 2019
Adjusting flat.css file for TM1Web A quick note here as well as on TM1Forums here’s what I generally change in flat.css style (located in tm1_64\webapps\tm1web\scripts\tm1web\themes\flat ) to make TM1Web in Planning Analytics easier on the eyes.
Oct 26, 2018
IBM published Planning Analytics TM1Web Tuning Guide And here it is. Very useful content. Overall I must say I’m really impressed with this new WLP backed TM1Web, it’s a lot faster and more stable than Tomcat in 10.
Sep 13, 2018
TM1p ini file equivalent for Planning Analytics for Excel Is called CommManagerSettings.xml and is located in C:\Users\<yourUserNameHere>\AppData\Local\Cognos\Office Connection\. It contains the data source settings (tm1 app server, tm1 server name), nice to ‘preset’ those in PaX silent installations across a wide user community, you don’t everyone to know how to configure URLs.
Jan 29, 2018
How to implement a work queue in TM1
TM1 / Planning Analytics team is doing an impressive amount of work to make TIs run in parallel, however, the ‘grunt’ part of TurboIntegrator processes is still (as of 10.2.2 / PA 2) limited by one core.
Nov 17, 2017
Now I’m a certified AWS Solutions Architect Associate
Now that we can be sure that cloud computing is a real thing I’ve finally got around to ticking AWS cert of the ‘would be good to do’ list. I’ve been using EC2 for a fairly long time, but AWS is many (and many doesn’t even start to cover how many) things more and certification was a good chance to make sure that I’m across a few of them.
Sep 1, 2017
Rewrote Application Maintenance scripts for SSO
I’ve recently updated the script that runs application maintenance utility for TM1 when you got CAM Security with Single SignOn enabled on Cognos BI. See this post for the description of the issue, I’m publishing a better take on a solution.
Apr 20, 2017
Coursera: Big Data Analysis with Scala and Spark
Work has been quite intense and very high-level recently, so I was missing the state of flow and the builders high that accompany coding. And I thought it’s a good time to learn something new and since I’ve been reading heaps of good things about Apache Spark, a course on it sounded like a worthwhile pursuit.
Dec 31, 2016
was the year when: This blog turned 10 years old I moved from PMsquare to Cornerstone Opened up my own company Got roughly the same amount of IM and TM1 work, very happy about that Got a chance to work with 10Tb+ dwh, not many of these down under.
Dec 16, 2016
Most useful Planning Analytics feature for me so far: StatsByRule
It’s Xmas time again and we get the big bag of presents this time: Planning Analytics on Premise is finally here. There’s a ton of new things to like in new Planning Analytics (and all those need to be throughly tested, so I wouldn’t be upgrading just right now).
Oct 18, 2016
TM1 SSL Certificates Expiry Update There’s been a flurry of news on SSL certs topic in past 2 weeks. Main ones are: Automated updaters are released (yay!) for all client versions and not all server versions (nay, but not a big deal) There’s a manual way to update certificates if you can’t do it automatically So all is now ready for the updates, there’s nothing else to wait for :) We ran a webinar regarding the steps to do the updates, here’s a slide pack for your information.