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Got a GCP associate cert as well

Posted at — Feb 23, 2021
Got a GCP associate cert as well

Decided to make some of my GCP forrays official (I did use it on a few projects) during a bit -gardening- upskilling XMas break and passed the entry level GCP cert.

Exam and certificate contents are quite similar to AWS one on the high-level as long as you substitute the service names accordingly. AWS’s leader position means that a lot of the foundational building blocks and assumptions are the same accross all big 3 cloud providers. There’s also an argument to be made that this is the level you should be building on to avoid the vendor lock-in, but that’s a whole different story.

And it seems like I got a lot more comfortable at the whole IP subnet business after building a proper comms cabinet in one our cupboards. No better motivation than the fear of loosing Netflix stream to ensure that you get VLANs right :)

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