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Essbase ODBC configuration on Solaris

Posted at — Jul 19, 2010
Essbase ODBC configuration on Solaris

Using this blog as offline memory. Just ignore this post, if you’re not up to Essbase )

If you’re configuring DataDirect ODBC drivers on *nix system, be aware of following:

  1. There are 2 versions of odbc.ini file, one in 32bit driver folder, other in 64. 64 essbase uses 64 drivers.
  2. You should copy required odbc.ini file to essbasepath\bin. And you should create a symbolic link (ln -s) to odbc.ini file in essbase user home folder (/home/hyperion, for example)
  3. When creating a SQL data source rule file — ServerName corresponds to database server name, not essbase server name (type TNS name for oracle database)

Useful links:

Essbase SQL Interface Documentation

Metalink on search keywords ‘odbc.ini + essbase’ )

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