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Incremental Administration Links

Posted at — Feb 11, 2008
Incremental Administration Links

In 8.2 we’ve got incremental publishing, allowing us to create real-time reporting on contributor data and that sets up new frontier in model data transfer speed. Now the slowest part of models are administration links (who’d guessed that when 7.3 appeared).

Here are some ideas of how to speed admin links up, using the same principle as in incremental publish: transfer only changed data. So when only 2 elist nodes submitted data, all 200 don’t have to be moved and recalculated once again.

Let’s look at the scheme of incremental publish:

So we need 2 tools:

Egg-Clock is pretty simple in all cases, you just record the timestamp somewhere (text file, table etc) and return it back.

SERJ was almost simple for publish — you’ve had to recreate publish macro, specifying needed elist guids.

How can we do this with administration links? I’m pretty sure some people in Cognos are writing built-in utility for inc admin links right now, but sometimes you have to get things done without waiting for another major release.

1 Use query subjects and package import

How to:

It’s a rather straight-forward solution and quite easy to set up.

2 Use duplicate applications and No Data Settings

We’ll try to use following rule: when administration links are run No-Data items are not transfered. It’s rather cumbersome solution, but maybe someone will like it )

And in macro do following:

1 Create access table based on Egg Clock — only changed elists
2 Import this AT into duplicate application 3 GTP duplicate — this will cut-down all other elists, except changed ones 4 Run links from source to duplicate — since No-Data is applied only changed will transfer 5 Run links from duplicate to target — again only No-Data elements

3 Try to modify .cal export files and import them back

Just to mention — don’t do it.

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