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TM1-related comments

Posted at — Apr 21, 2015
TM1-related comments

A couple of good IBM links:

A quick choosing hardware for TM1 update:

I was compiling some hardware specs for TM1 and wanted to highlight some of the main assumptions I use. Core speed (GHz) is still important to TM1, although Multithreaded queries made it less prominent for read queries. But trust me you will feel the profound 50% difference between 2.2 Ghz and 3.8 Ghz in your TIs and rule compiles.

According  to IBM PVU table, you can have 70 PVUs per core as long as you have <=2 processors in the server, regardless of per-core speed, so if I had to pick up a physical box for a medium sized (where definition of medium is quite stretched, 12 cores calls for quite massive rollout) TM1 project today, I’d go with either with these CPUs (you can have 2 of them):

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