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TM1 Puzzles and Diversions. Consolidated Feeders

Posted at — Apr 12, 2014
TM1 Puzzles and Diversions. Consolidated Feeders

I’m running our interpactice (we’ve got Singpapore and Sydney offices) TM1 sessions. Currently playing with the ‘quick / easy / conceptual puzzles’ approach. Beats my lecturing so far -)

I’ll publish some old ones in this blog, post the answers in comments or in an email on If you can answer the question #2 for this one correctly and explain it — beer/wine is on me, I failed it.

TM1 model is the set up as the screenshot below.

Question 1) : What will be displayed in Target, D, Jan cell?:


Question 2) Same question, feeder changed:


Question 3) Same question, feeder changed


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