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TM1 hint – TurboIntegrator Local Variables

Posted at — Apr 27, 2010
TM1 hint – TurboIntegrator Local Variables

TM1 TurboIntegrator (TI) is truly a highly customizable tool :) I recently needed to be able to pass cube view names as a parameter for export process and it turned out to be really easy.

Although DataSource is selected via menu during TI process creation and there are no TI functions to change it, it can be done easily via TurboIntegrator Local Variables. There are local variables in TI (namely, DatasourceType,DatasourceCubeview and some more) that are set during GUI datasource selection. But they can be set in procedure as well.

So you just:

  1. Add a Parameter of type string
  2. Update needed TI Local Variable using this Parameter

And then work with data as you like )

There are many interesting Local Variables in TI, especially those that define ASCII output (delimeters, quotes).

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