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Contributor transactional logic example

Posted at — Apr 29, 2008
Contributor transactional logic example

Finally, we’ve solved problem stated in communities. And Robert allowed me to publish resulting library here as well. See attached zip file.

Problem statement

We have 2 cubes, one containing product groups sales (for example) and the other containing detailed product data. Users should be able to correct overall group totals and correct detailed product distribution.

If group A contains Product 1 and Product 2 and if Total(A) is 100, it’s initially split 50\50.

User should be able to modify Product 1 to 75, yielding result of 75\25. Normal break back won’t work this way, because it’ll see 75\50 as profile for break back and will produce 60\40 as a result.

So you’d need to create an own break back. That’s easy )

Verbal Description of the algorithm

It’s a copy-paste from communities topic, don’t bother re-reading.

  1. For example we have a 2 dim cube
Total 100  
	A 70
	B 30

I want A to become 800

  1. Calculate the amount I need to break-back everywhere else to get total of x + 800 = 100
x = 100 - 800 = -700
  1. Copy all other initial numbers, except A (set A=0) — that’s potential trouble, you’ll have to insure no-zero data input
Total 70
	A 0
	B 70
  1. Break-back -700 across it
Total -700
	A 0
	B -700
  1. Sum it up with A amount of 800
Total 100
  A 800
  B -700


A working Analyst library is attached so I just want to highlight some details:

Thanks Robert, it was an interesting task.

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