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Cognos 8 EP troubleshooting import data from package

Posted at — Aug 6, 2009
Cognos 8 EP troubleshooting import data from package

Tip of the day: Having common metadata layer for BI and Enterprise Planning is really cool, especially with the ability to load data from BI packages to EP via links. Just that it sometimes doesn’t work. But there are always some workarounds.

With mostly very cryptical error messages or without any.

One of the problems might be just that DataManager service (which does the transfer) cannot allocate enough memory for operation. This is what we’ve encountered just today.

Good news are that this parameter is easily configurable, you can just edit cognos_install_path\bin\dataimportserviceconfig.xml file and set JMX (Java maximum allocated memory) to something more appropriate than default 128M (1024 is a nice number, for example).

Try this if your links fail ;)

PS: In this ‘wonderfull’ Java world, setting JVMX is a common boost-up technique. And there’s a lot of places to apply it. Think about Cognos Rich Client Platform (Cognos 8.4 Contributor).

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