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Essbase book

Posted at — Sep 16, 2008
Essbase book

Read Edward Roske and Tracy McMullen’s “Look Smarter than you are with Essbase System 9” over the weekend. It’s really the best “technical” book I’ve read over past couple of years. Written in simple and not annoying language, with a lot of humor (I couldn’t contain myself when I’ve read the fight club joke) — definitely a must-have book for any essbaser out there. Found really helpful, although I knew most of the points already. But, oh my, appendixes rock — calculator cache explained is a real gift.

And, more important, this book really gives you an overall picture and shows a way to go. DBAG covers every topic with excessive amount of details so you can’t see the forest over the trees.

Kudos to Edward and Tracy, it’s a fantastic job. I’m waiting for ASO one.

PS: Too bad it wasn’t there a year ago. And too bad there are no such books on cognos

PPS: Edward has a blog, as you all know.

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