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Back from winter-sleep

Posted at — Mar 1, 2009
Back from winter-sleep

Okay, it has been almost half-a-year (oh, dears) since the last decent post on this blog. Russian one has suffered as well, I must note.

Reasons vary, but mostly it’s that I’ve been, you know, busy-busy. As I now start to reflect on it, it’s always a point of view thing and a question of self-control and ability to say no )

But enough philosphy, brief recap on what happend while I was out “there” in real world. I’ll divide this into two parts (by vendors ))

Big Blue

Made some POCs in autumn, nothing that special (some neat integration, but not cognos-related). Carried on a couple of projects with  EP+BI typicalities. All in all, nothing that new.

BUT I’ve finally completed the other certification path there is at Cognos\IBM, notably, the “BI Professional” road. It’s a deal longer, as of now, you have to pass 3 “role-based” exams, 2 mandatory (Report Author and Metadata Model Developer) and one of you choice to get a chance of passing BI Pro exam. It’s used to coast 10k, which could be cut down to reasonable 200$ if you attended a Cognos Workshop (which costed 2,5k), but thanks to IBM that’s gone and now it’s 200$ from the start. Just opened certifications link and I’m, frankly, quite surprised with new IBM names for old Cognos certifications. According to this I’m:

and it turns out I was an

Wording is something you cannot easily take from IBM ) Will put that list in about page, just to get more mail asking for exam questions.

Hint: In comparison with the old Modeler exam, current one is easier.

And in the first 2 months of this year we did a “nightmare-style” POC with EP + TM1 + BI, where I could finally get an idea of what TM1 really is and fully realize some ideas like incremental administration links and, therefore, “real-time” EP -> TM1  data propagation. I’m planning to write about this in separate posts, though. And, boy, it was hard, and we flanked the final presentation due to me being ill and bla-bla, and I’m still recovering breath from this.

But enough about IBM, let’s turn to


We’ve made a really nice billion-facts cube with our colleagues from “SportMaster” and talked about it in exceeding detail on Russian Oracle Technical Forum 2008 and Oracle BI Forum 2009. Essbase turned out to be a good engine for this kind of task and the moment when it finally kicked-in on 100gb dataset will retain as one of best in 2008. The fact that one of dimensions was a million rows parent-child didn’t raise that much of a problem.

Moreover on another site we duly built dimension outline with around 30 mln members. Although duly is not the right word, “kicking and screaming” would be a better wording ) And the whole area of trying to tune something in underlying Berkeley DB is still open. But I must admit, an 8 gb outline file is really impressive.

So I’ve spent pretty much time toying around with essbase (except when I wasn’t with TM1)). And I’m also a Hyperion Essbase 9.3 Developer Certified Expert (I won’t enter Prometric for a while, I hope).

So it was a rather crowded time and I hope that nothing will stop me from blogging some details and future encounters. At least, I’d try my best to. Cheers to your patience, folks )

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