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A couple of small, but oh-so vital Cognos Enterprise Planning Enchancements

Posted at — Sep 11, 2008
A couple of small, but oh-so vital Cognos Enterprise Planning Enchancements

Why am I writing this?

Well, sometime it helped and we now have allocation tables in administration links. Although I’m sure my post didn’t have any impact, some deem hope remains

I’m going to repost this into Communities and into Insight. And, maybe, we can create some noise by voting for these enchancements in Insight aka registering those enchancements again (they get piled up together, as I’ve found out).

Some those two echs are:

Add the ability to import Calculation Options and Weighting while importing a dlist

If you’ve ever done some external dimension management, you know that:

So you manage all simple dimensions by updating them (with Remove Obsolete selected) and unique names, and you manage all dimensions with weighting by manually changing them

Shouldn’t be like that.

Add a Contributor macro for importing translations

It seems weird to have a single table with translations for Cognos BI and then to manually (or semi-automatically by text import) copy it into Contirbutor application. Shouldn’t be hard, ability to import translation text is already there, just need a macro step

And another one (maybe no one will notice): Import deployment packages as a macro step too

Automating dev-prod. backup-restore : all those things that should be automagical

So, if these things annoy you as well — drop me a line, and I’ll send you Cognos Insight ench numbers to vote for.

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