Applied Dimensionality


Posted at — Nov 17, 2006

Hello dear reader.

My name is Yuri Kudryavcev and I write this blog for sharing some tips and musings in the FP&A (used to be CPM) and DWH / BI (Analytics now?) space.

I’ve started doing analytical projects in Russia, moved to Australia almost a decade ago, spent 8 years in Sydney and in Hobart a couple years. I’ve been in 20+ countries doing project rollouts, seen more hotels than I ever dreamt of.

I really like the technical part of OLAP and wrote a PhD on using Map-Reduce for OLAP cubes at some point. And I can talk about it anytime, day or night, so now they make me review papers for computer science conferences on all these lattices, graphs and mathematical scribblings.

My LinkedIn profile, there’s more bragging there.

If you got any questions on whatsoever feel free to comment or drop a line on


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